Removable Dentures

Removable Prosthodontic Dental Procedures 


Dentures are removable appliances that are used to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be used to replace just a few teeth or all the teeth in your mouth. It is important to replace missing teeth not only for your self-esteem and personal appearance but also for your overall oral and medical health. When you have a missing tooth that is not replaced, your other teeth in your mouth can start to shift which can change the way you bite and chew.

Types of Dentures

  • Complete Dentures - These dentures are for when you have all missing teeth in the lower, upper, or both arches. They are made after you have healed from having your teeth extracted. Our doctors may have you come in for try-in appointments before having the dental lab finish your dentures so that your dentures are the perfect fit, shape, and color for you.  
  • Partial Dentures - These dentures are used for replacing one or more teeth in your mouth with still a few of your natural teeth remaining. Partial dentures are made with a gum colored acrylic base that can sometimes have a metal base connected to the acrylic base for extra support. Like complete dentures the doctors might have you come in for try-in appointments before your dentures are finally made in a dental lab making sure that they are perfect for you. 
Partial Denture, Alpha Dental Care St. Louis MO
  • Immediate Dentures - Immediate dentures can be used to replace a couple of teeth like a partial denture or can be used to replace all of your teeth like a complete denture. The main difference with an immediate denture is that you have it made before your teeth are extracted. One of the biggest advantages is that with an immediate denture the patient does not have to go without teeth since the denture is placed as soon as the teeth are extracted. This can also be a disadvantage because over time after your gums and bones have healed, you may need more adjustments and relines than with a complete denture. 
  • Overdentures - Overdentures are dentures that are made to go over a few remaining teeth or to go over implants placed by the doctor. Overdentures are great for people who may not have enough bone left to hold a denture in place. By making the overdenture to lock in place of the few remaining teeth, or placed implants, it helps support the denture. Overdentures are also great for people who need complete upper dentures but may not be able to tolerate the base plate on roof of their mouth due a sensitive gag reflex. Overdentures can be made to replace all your teeth like a complete denture or just a few teeth like a partial denture. 

Removable Dentures with Implants: a Cost-Effective Alternative to Full Mouth Construction

Dentures supported by two or four implants (overdentures) cost about 1/3 of the expense of a full mouth reconstruction using crowns and non-removable bridges supported by implants. Because of the support provided by implant they are highly retentive, but still removable. In addition to saving money, removable dentures supported by implants have a high patient satisfaction rate because they are comfortable, functional and cosmetically pleasing to patients.

Implant Supported Dentures, Alpha Dental Care St. Louis MO
The doctors at Alpha Dental Care have provided custom solutions for many patients who have lost all their teeth. If you are looking for a comfortable and cost effective alternative to full mouth reconstruction, please call us or fill out the form below for a consultation.

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